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Biog To Date!


Cliff was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the sixties.  He was first introduced to music by his parents; his mother, who was a great singer and his father who was a local music promoter.

His earliest memories of music are of hearing The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac on the radio and also watching The Who on Top Of The Pops. 

Thus began a lifelong love of music and in particular the guitar! 


Moving to England as a child, he was given a second hand acoustic guitar by his father at the age of thirteen as a Christmas present.  He would take this to school and play it at every opportunity although he had no real idea about theory or technique on the instrument and instead, would learn to play songs by ear. 

The following year his mother bought him his first electric guitar, which was an Aria Les Paul copy.


A chance conversation shortly after with two friends led to the formation of Cliff’s first band, ‘Stage Fright’ who went on to play at various local youth clubs and school parties.  This band morphed into various other line-ups over the next few years where Cliff was able to develop both as a player and songwriter. 


In the early eighties, the Cliff Moore Band was formed and he was able to perform his music to a wider audience.  This led to the involvement of a manager and publishing deal.  The advance money from this deal financed Cliff’s first custom built Stratocaster which led to a lifelong passion for this type of guitar.


Since the eighties, Cliff has been, for the most part, a professional musician and has taken part in countless gigs and recording sessions. These have taken place on five continents around the world and in the last decade, Cliff has built up a solid fan base around Europe and regularly visits there to play.


In recent years, Cliff has been fortunate to have shared the stage with some of the greatest contemporary Blues/Rock musicians around. These include –

Julian Sas (Holland) Ben Poole (UK) Henrik Freischlader (Germany) Ben Granfelt (Finland) Ian Siegal (UK) Pat McManus (Ireland) Marcus Demi (Germany) Tommy Katona (Hungary/USA) Sean Carney (USA) Ryan McGarvey (USA) Zsolt Vamos (Hungary) Erja Lyytinen (Finland) and these are only the guitar players!

In the past, Cliff has also played with members of -
Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, UFO, Ozzy Osborne Band, Reef, Reflex, David Bowie Band, Kasabian and many others!

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